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I will be away during the month of Feb on holiday. I will continue to update the website and send emails but some delays are likely. Apologies in advance. Les Berry


The pairs competition is on Feb 23rd. A nomination form can be downloaded below. It would help if you could get these forms back asap.

Pairs Nomination
Pairs Details Word Doc

Pairs Details PDF Version


Are your subs in? Please check and let Roger Morgan have a cheque or use the crib bank account to make a transfer (sort 20-95-61 account 90988294 ref Your team name)

Fixtures & Rules

The fixtures, revised rules and pairs nomination can be downloaded here:

Fixtures Rules nomination

Maximum games for players

Rule 12.5 now says:

No player shall play more than 2 games except in the event of only 4/5/6 players being available, then players are permitted to play 3 games which can consist of either 2 singles and a double, or 2 doubles and a single.

I have recommended to teams to carry the rules with them (I keep a copy on my smartphone) and I can whip them out and quickly sort any dispute.


If you would like to receive an email of the weekly results in your inbox each Tuesday morning, please send an email to and you will be added to the already significant list of recipients.

League re-starts next week.........

2 March 2015

Division One

Players v SCCC
Builders v BSCA
BCC v Chequers
Mitre v Plough

Division Two

Sebright v Jokers
Woodhouse v Black Horse
Kitcheners v PBCC
Railway Bell v EBRBL

23 February 2015

Pairs Competition

The results needed some Holmsian interpretation to work out who had won, but i THINK the winners were:

EBRBL: H Smith/P Brewster (Kitch)
Woodhouse: J Purton/A Brunning (Chequers)
Kitcheners: N Appleyard/K Allan (EBRBL)
Builders: P Lane/S Newton (PBCC)
Sebright: A Heath/R Reeve (Sebright)
Mitre: C Rogers/A Seagar (R Bell)
Chequers: R Enright/Mike Cavallini (PBCC)
Black Horse: R Morgan/C Bezani (Black Horse)

Any mistakes please let me know.

16 February 2015

Division One

BSCA 5 v BCC 4
SCCC 5 v Builders 4
Chequers 4 v Mitre 5
Plough 8 v Players 1

Division Two

Black Horse 3 v Kitcheners 6
Jokers 5 v Woodhouse 4
PBCC 2 v Railway Bell 7
EBRBL 6 v Sebright 3

9 February 2015

Division One

Players 8 v Builders 1
BCC 5 v SCCC 4
Mitre 4 v BSCA 5
Plough 5 v Chequers 4

Division Two

Sebright 5 v Woodhouse 4
Kitcheners 2 v Jokers 7
Railway Bell 6 v Black Horse 3

League one table
League two table
Shield tables

Download the Excel spreadsheet here

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