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Cribbage Article

An article promoting cribbage has been published in the Potters Bar Eye, together with contact details and web address. If anyone contacts you as a result, please offer them help and guidance and make them feel welcome. A copy of the article can be downloaded below:


Pairs First Round - 21st February

Advance notification of the Pairs tournament which will be held on Monday 21st February at the venues below. Why not get your nominations in now?

Prince of Wales, Oak Hill Bowls, Kitcheners, Builders (New Barnet), Jokers (at Owens), BSCA, Black Horse and Exchequers (at Builders, Little Heath)

Nomination form

Fixtures are now available (Revised version)

Downloaded fixtures here: 2021/22 Fixtures


Subs for the new season will be £0, as we did not require trophies for the 2019/20 season. For information, the crib bank account to make a transfer (sort 20-95-61 account 90988294 ref Your team name)


No player shall play more than 2 games except in the event of only 4/5/6 players being available, then players are permitted to play 3 games which can consist of either 2 singles and a double, or 2 doubles and a single.

Might be good to carry the rules with you (maybe on your smartphone) so you can whip them out and sort any dispute. Download them here

Covid-19 Protocols

We must adhere to the following, to ensure the safety of players from Covid:

* All players, wherever possible, should be double vaccinated
* Sufficient hand sanitisers must be made available and used as often as possible
* Any player not feeling well, with the usual Covid symptoms (see below) should NOT play and must take the usual precautions (PCR test, isolate)
* If any player is tested positive for Covid, the committee must be informed ASAP in order to communicate this to other teams and decide on appropriate action
* Masks will not be compulsory. However, if a player wants to, please do so
* Food should not be provided until further notice.

Covid symptoms include a high temperature, a continuous cough, a loss or change to sense of smell or taste

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24th January 2022

Jokers v OH Bowls
B Horse v Exchequers
Kitch v POW
No Game v BSCA
Builders v Lords
SCCC v No Game

17th January 2022

First Division

No Game v SCCC
BSCA 5 v Kitch 4
POW 6 v OH Bowls 3
Lords 7 v Exchequers 2
Jokers 2 v B Horse 7
Builders v No Game

10th January 2022

First Division

SCCC 5 v Kitch A 4
Builders 5 v Exchequers 4
B Horse 3 v POW 6
OH Bowls 4 v BSCA 5
Jokers 4 v Lords 5

13th December 2021

Singles winners

Prince of Wales: Roy Metselaar (BH)
BSCA: Graham Pearce (BSCA)
Kitcheners: Jeff Aldworth (OHB)
Black Horse: Warwick Bell (BH)
Builders: Keith Saunders (Builders)
SCCC: Tina Barnett (Lords)
Oak Hill Bowls: Ruth Guest (Kitch)
Jokers @ Owens: John Allen (BH)

Download the Excel spreadsheet here

League One Table

Interested in Playing?

If you would like to play, contact us at the Potters Bar and District Crib League (email or call 07711019313). We can put you in touch with your local team who will welcome you and offer a few friendly games to get you started. For beginners there is a guide to Cribbage on the website here. To learn the game there are some good cribbage games you can download to your mobile phone or tablet. Cribbage Pro (by Fuller systems) is recommended.

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